Welsh Government

Cyfleoedd ar hyn o bryd

Yn chwilio am gyfle newydd i weithio gydag ymchwilwyr yng Nghymru? Mae’r cyfleoedd diweddaraf ar gyfer aelodau o’r Rhwydwaith Cynnwys Pobl wedi’u rhestru isod. Os oes angen mwy o wybodaeth arnoch am unrhyw o'r cyfleoedd, ffoniwch y tîm ar 02920 230457 neu e-bostiwch research-involvement@wales.nhs.uk.

Os hoffech wneud cais am unrhyw o'r cyfleoedd isod gallwch gyflwyno datganiad o ddiddordeb. Sylwer bod cyfleoedd ar hyn o bryd ar gael i aelodau'r rhwydwaith yn unig. I gael gwybodaeth am ymuno â’r Rhwydwaith Cynnwys Pobl, ewch i’n tudalen gwybodaeth Rhwydwaith Cynnwys Pobl. 

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.   


Become part of a lay advisory group looking at accurately detecting the infection that causes blood poisoning

Deadline: Midday 26 January 2018
Up to five individuals to become part of a lay advisory group. Successful individuals will be required to attend a meeting every two months and comment and feedback on lay summaries, writing proposals, content of leaflets and the website. They would also be asked to suggest activities and events for engagement with interested groups.

Involvement in the Cardiff University Integrated Cancer Research programme (CUICR) as a research partner

Deadline: Midday 29 January 2018
Four individuals who are passionate about cancer research in Wales to attend meetings and offer consultation on the Cardiff University Cancer Research Strategy. Cardiff University are developing a detailed implementation plan over the next few months and would like a research partner to be allocated to each of the four areas as the strategy develops. The research partner will be required to attend up to three meetings over the next three months with possible opportunities for further work in the future.

Become involved in evaluating an assessment tool used by health visitors

Deadline: Midday 25 January 2018
One individual to join representatives on the bid development group. Individuals will assist the study team in how to engage with families during the study process. Meetings will take place monthly whilst developing the grant submission. Preparation for meetings and commenting on draft proposals will be carried out via email.