Welsh Government

Cyfleoedd ar hyn o bryd

Yn chwilio am gyfle newydd i weithio gydag ymchwilwyr yng Nghymru? Mae’r cyfleoedd diweddaraf ar gyfer aelodau o’r cyhoedd wedi’u rhestru isod. Os oes angen mwy o wybodaeth arnoch am unrhyw o'r cyfleoedd, ffoniwch y tîm ar 02920 230457 neu e-bostiwch research-involvement@wales.nhs.uk.

Os hoffech wneud cais am unrhyw o'r cyfleoedd isod gallwch gyflwyno datganiad o ddiddordeb. Sylwer bod cyfleoedd ar hyn o bryd ar gael i aelodau o'r cyhoedd sydd wedi cofrestru â'r gymuned gynhwysol, ac sydd wedi darllen y cytundeb cynnwys y cyhoedd cyn cyflwyno datganiad o ddiddordeb. 

Mae'r cynnwys isod ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.   


Become a member of the Research Ready Review Group (RRRG) for the Research Design and Conduct Service (RDCS) South East Wales

Deadline: Midday on 28 September 2018

Ten members of the public are required to join the Research Ready Review Group. Those chosen will be asked to review study documentation at short notice, usually via email. 

Individuals will be required to review and comment on the process suggested in the proposed research project from a patient, carer, family member, service user or public perspective. They will also me required to make sure that project documents are easy to understand. 

Member ship for this group will be unit 2020 when it will be reviewed as per the Terms of Reference. 

Become a member of a Trial Management Group for a cancer study

Deadline: Midday on 28 September 2018

One individual to become a member of the Trial Management Group (TMG). The successful individual will be require to attend meetings which take place around 2/3 times per year, lasting around 2 hours. Thee may also be a requirement to comment on or review documents between meetings. These would include the revision of the protocol and patient information sheet. Meetings can be attended in person, or via teleconference or Skype.

Become involved in reviewing the research findings of a study looking at the provision of gluten-free food 

Deadline: Midday on 26 October 2018

Two individuals are required to review and feedback comments on the initial research findings, to look at the transcribed interviews to check for accuracy and that no themes have been missed. To also discuss and order emerging themes and to ensure no researcher bias. 

Successful individuals will be sent the documents and initial themes to review via the post and this should take around half a day. They would then be contacted via telephone by the researcher to feed back their views on the documents. 

Become a part of the Secure Anonymised Information Linkage (SAIL) databank rapid response panel

Deadline: Midday 27 September 2018

SAIL is looking for up to six individuals to become part of the rapid response panel. Individuals who become a member of this panel will be expected to provide their perspective of different ways to engage with patients, the public and carers along with reviewing information to make sure its appropriate. The panel members will be required to input via Skype, email or teleconference.